Strategic Objectives

AHP's Vision is supported by six Strategic Objectives, these are:

  • Housing Management Services
    To become the best social landlord in Scotland.
  • Property Management Services
    We will maintain and improve our houses to ensure that they remain high quality and desirable homes of choice for our tenants.
  • Building in the Community
    We will target investment at providing high quality homes in well designed schemes that meet the needs of communities now and in the future. We will aim to increase our housing stock to 1,250 within five years and strive to build to Eco Home standards where possible.
  • Sustaining Communities
    We will work to meet the changing needs of our tenants and other service users through partnership with tenants and the voluntary and statutory sectors. We will also contribute to the well-being of our communities through our core services and our involvement in local and national initiatives that advance Financial Inclusion through Wider Action.
  • Investing In Our People And Services
    We will attract, recruit and retain high quality board and staff members and ensure that they are resourced to achieve the Strategic Plan for the benefit of tenants and stakeholders now and in the future.
  • Embracing Growth
    We will take a rigorous and robust approach to new business opportunities and ensure that these will have a positive impact on the communities we serve and the organisation as a whole.

Our Approach

AHP has achieved a great deal in a short time and we have done this by developing a positive culture, working in partnership and by continually challenging ourselves.


The culture of an organisation is pivotal to its success. AHP has developed and will protect and further develop a culture based on integrity, fairness and commitment to the communities we serve. The underpinning ethos is that the culture permeates everything we do.


AHP has an excellent track record of working in partnership and will build on this strength in the future. We work well at strategic and operational level with the local authorities and Scottish Housing Regulator. We have developed strong links with other housing associations in the north east and wish to establish more collaborative approaches particularly in relation to our development and general procurement. We are developing our relationships with communities and see new opportunities emerging as our development programme expands.

Continuous Improvement

A key driver for AHP over the next few years is to improve the services we provide and to secure an improved performance grade from the Scottish Housing Regulator. A range of improvements have been achieved and the focus on continuous improvement is at the forefront of what we do and how we do it. Each Strategic Objective is underpinned by a number of key performance indicators (KPI's) aimed at core business requirements: the achievement of these performance indicators will ensure AHP's continued success.