Bill Chapman Housing Horizons Lecture

November 2019

The future of housing and changing housing needs in North East Scotland will be discussed at the inaugural Bill Chapman Housing Horizons Lecture, hosted and organised by Osprey Housing Group, tonight, Wednesday 6th November, at  Holiday Inn, Westhill. The lecture is part of Osprey’s 20th anniversary celebrations.

 The housing market in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire is under pressure. The combined pressures of a sustained economic downturn, a reduction in new build developments, an aging population and the struggles younger people face to secure affordable quality accommodation mean that housing associations have an essential role to play as we enter the 2020s and beyond.

 Sally Thomas, CEO of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations, will deliver the first ever Bill Chapman Housing Horizons Lecture at the Holiday Inn, Westhill on Wednesday.

 Her speech will cover the future of housing in Scotland, with an emphasis on tenants, communities and the role of housing associations in the city, shire and nationally. She will discuss the value and importance of housing associations, highlighting their social economic impact, contribution to health and wellbeing and their role in helping to build sustainable successful communities. Sally will also discuss the need for housing associations to cater for a widening tenant demographic, including those with additional support needs, as well as the need to provide high quality, energy efficient, affordable homes.

 The keynote speech will be followed by a Q & A panel session chaired by Osprey Housing Group CEO Glenn Adcook. 

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