ASHS - Class 5: How we manage our human, physical and informational resources

Information about how we manage the human, physical and information resources of the authority.

How we Manage our Resources: Where  to access 
Strategy and management of human resources People Plan
Staffing structureAccess
Recruitment Recruitment
Performance management Performance Management
Salary and grading On Request
Promotion On Request
Pensions On Request
Discipline Disciplinary Policy
Grievance Grievance Policy
Staff development Staff Development
Maintenance and retention of staff records Privacy Policy
Internal procedures relating to the above (where available) On Request
Trade union information On Request
Summary of professional organisations/trade bodies
of which we are a member 
Summary of Organisation Trade Bodies
Physical Resources
Management of our land and property assets
including environmental/sustainability reports
On Request
General description of our land and property holdings On Request
Estate development plans On Request
Information Resources
Records management policy and records management
plan including records retention schedule
On Request
Privacy policy Privacy Policy

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