Annual Reports

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2009 Annual Report and 2010 Calendar

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We are very pleased that we, at AHP, are celebrating our 10th Anniversary this year. You will see that we are following recent tradition and our Annual Report is being produced in the popular calendar format.

AHP 2006 Annual Report and 2007 Calendar

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It has been a pleasure to have been AHP's Chair of the Board for this year, a year that has seen major changes and achievements, both operational and strategic. This has manifested itself through Board membership, Regulation and Inspection grading, staff changes and the number of new developments.

Annual Report 05-06

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We continue to work to develop Tenant Participation and in addition to a number of surveys and questionnaires to tenants we held our Annual Tenants Event in Fraserburgh. We also commissioned TIGHRA to work with us to get tenants panels set up. We produce a quarterly tenants' newsletter and this year we prepared to launch our very own web site.

Annual Report 04-05

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One particularly pleasing feature in the past year has been the reduction in rent arrears. I hope this trend continues as it means AHP has more funds available to spend on maintaining and improving our properties.

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